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At tonepad we provide you with the best quality PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) that you will need to build many of our projects.

We've been serving the guitar effect DIY community since the year 2000.


The store is OPEN, we are taking orders. (scroll down for complete list)

Shipping and handling has a single rate of $4 per order regardless of the number of boards and will be added automatically at checkout. You can pay using paypal balance or with a credit card. All our payments are processed securely by Paypal, we don't process payments at tonepad.

Our boards are RoHS compliant which means they are lead free and may be soldered using lead free solder or your choice of leaded solder.

Prices are in US Dollars.

tonepad pcb catalog:
(Updated Dec.16.2017)

Project NameCategoryDifficultyPricePhotoAdd to Cart
Range MasterBoosterBEGINNER$5.00$5.00
Brian May's treble boosterBoosterBEGINNER$5.00$5.00
Red RangerBoosterBEGINNER$5.00$5.00
Small Clone ChorusChorusADVANCED$14.00$14.00
Boss CE-2ChorusADVANCED$14.00$14.00
Orange SqueezerCompressorBEGINNER$8.00$8.00
Ross CompressorCompressorINTERMEDIATE$10.00$10.00
MXR DynaCompCompressorINTERMEDIATE$10.00$10.00
DOD 280 CompressorCompressorINTERMEDIATE$8.00$8.00
Ibanez Cp9CompressorINTERMEDIATE$11.00$11.00
Rebote 2 DelayDelayINTERMEDIATE$11.00$11.00
Rebote 2.5 DelayDelayINTERMEDIATE$11.00$11.00
Rebote 3DelayINTERMEDIATE$14.00$14.00
Tube ScreamerDistortionINTERMEDIATE$11.00$11.00
MXR Distortion PlusDistortionBEGINNER$8.00$8.00
Big Muff PiDistortionINTERMEDIATE$11.00$11.00
Ampeg ScramblerDistortionINTERMEDIATE$11.00$11.00
AMZ Overdrive ProDistortionINTERMEDIATE$8.00$8.00
Sans Amp GT-2DistortionADVANCED$11.00$11.00
Blues BreakerDistortionINTERMEDIATE$8.00$8.00
Boss DS-1DistortionINTERMEDIATE$11.00$11.00
Fuzz FaceDistortionINTERMEDIATE$8.00$8.00
Tone Bender MKIIDistortionINTERMEDIATE$8.00$8.00
DOD 250 DistortionDistortionBEGINNER$8.00$8.00
Blue ClipperDistortionBEGINNER$8.00$8.00
Tonebender 3 KnobDistortionINTERMEDIATE$8.00$8.00
Tube Sound FuzzDistortionBEGINNER$8.00$8.00
Purple PeakerEqualizerBEGINNER$5.00$5.00
Speaker SimulatorEqualizerBEGINNER$11.00$11.00
Flanger 301FlangerADVANCED$14.00$14.00
MXR Noise GateGateINTERMEDIATE$11.00$11.00
MXR Blue BoxOctaveINTERMEDIATE$11.00$11.00
Green RingerOctaveBEGINNER$8.00$8.00
RM OctaviaOctaveBEGINNER$8.00$8.00
MXR Phase 90PhaserADVANCED$11.00$11.00
Small Stone PhaserPhaserADVANCED$14.00$14.00
MXR Phase 45PhaserINTERMEDIATE$11.00$11.00
Ross PhaserPhaserADVANCED$14.00$14.00
Power SupplyPower SupplyINTERMEDIATE$11.00$11.00
Bipolar powerPower SupplyINTERMEDIATE$5.00$5.00
MXR MicroAmpPreampBEGINNER$8.00$8.00
Real McTubePreampINTERMEDIATE$11.00$11.00
AMZ Mosfet BoosterPreampBEGINNER$5.00$5.00
Reverb digitalReverbADVANCED$14.00$14.00
Tremulus LunetremoloINTERMEDIATE$11.00$11.00
EA TremolotremoloINTERMEDIATE$8.00$8.00
MXR Envelope FilterwahADVANCED$11.00$11.00
Wah WahwahBEGINNER$11.00$11.00

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Ordering info:

Please read the FAQ before emailing us. We supply you with the circuit board only, for the rest of the parts we invite you to go to Small Bear Electronics, Steve has all the bits needed to stuff our boards, and some of our boards in stock too.

Our circuit boards are ready to solder, which means that you don't need to drill or do any kind of work on them, just start populating them with the components as specified on the project documentation.

We ship from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

For more pcb photos go here.

For more information email

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