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how to order was created and is maintained by Francisco Peņa and Matt Burnside. After Francisco's former site, thegreatpcb, became a success in providing high-quality, reliable effects layouts, it seemed natural to move the site forward to reach a broader audience.

The site was created in 2001 using Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and mostly the almighty TextPad.

Francisco plays guitar in a jazz-blues band called Mutè (pictures and sounds coming soon). He lives in El Salvador and studies architecture while fixing computers. He owns a black labrador retriever.
Matt plays guitar and shares singing duties for a thoroughly disturbing band called the Gobos. While he enjoys the sublety of a nice compressor or the organic swash of a good chorus pedal, he mostly enjoys pedals that sound like farting monkeys. He lives in Dallas Texas and works as a web developer. He also owns a black labrador retriever.
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