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File Name tonepad_scrambler.pdf
File Size 40.7 KB
Description Revolcador, Rev.1_1 May 13 2002
Downloads to Date 65775

This is a workalike of the Ampeg Scrambler. This board will accept a variety of different transistor pinouts for all 4 transistors, and one pad will go unused for each transistor.

If you get the transistors from Steve at Small Bear (which I highly recommend), please note that the pinout of the 2N5306 he sells is ECB, not EBC.

The most recent revision merely adds a missing capacitor to the schematic, and corrects a notation for one transistor. The layout is unchanged.

Applies To Ampeg Scrambler

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This circuit board is for sale. See our ordering page for all available boards.

Ampeg Scrambler US$ 11.00

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