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Ross Compressor -- INTERMEDIATE



tonepad_rossdynacomp.pdf 111.2 KB-- CompaRous, Rev.8.Nov.28.2004
tonepad_rodymod.pdf 53.8 KB-- Rody Mod, Rev.5.Mar.13.2002

Ross Compressor US$ 10.00

FAQ on the project:

Q. How to set the trimpot?

A. Set the trimpot in the middle, slowly turn it to both sides while letting single notes ring. Leave it in a position where the decay doesn't sound gated.


Uses the same PCB layout as the MXR Dynacomp. Compared to the Dyna, the Ross offers similar attack characteristics, but with a noticeable reduction of high-end frequencies that is not displayed by the Dyna. Choose one or the other depending on whether or not that's your bag.

Current draw (no led): ~1.6mA

Aditional info (voltages/mods/pictures) can be found at Fuzz Central

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For offboard wiring instructions check the offboard wiring project page.

Small Bear Electronics

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