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Project NameCategoryDifficultyDescription
MXR Envelope FilterwahADVANCEDWah effect controlled by picking strength
MXR Phase 90PhaserADVANCEDPhase Shifter, JFET based
Small Clone ChorusChorusADVANCEDwarm, analog chorus
Small Stone PhaserPhaserADVANCEDPhase Shifter, OTA based
Sans Amp GT-2DistortionADVANCEDSans Amp GT-2, Analog Amp Simulator
Ross PhaserPhaserADVANCEDOTA based phaser
Flanger 301FlangerADVANCEDIbanez Flanger uses MN3007
FSH1FilterADVANCEDMaestro FSH-1 using LM13600 OTAs
Boss CE-2ChorusADVANCEDThe 'other' coveted chorus!
Electric MistressFlangerADVANCED9v Electric Mistress
Reverb digitalReverbADVANCEDDigital reverb using FV-1 chip
MXR Distortion PlusDistortionBEGINNERAn opamp amplifier with clipping diodes
Orange SqueezerCompressorBEGINNERNice and simple compressor
MXR MicroAmpPreampBEGINNERClean Booster
Volume Pedal RetrofitVolumeBEGINNERAn add-on for volume pedals
Easy FaceDistortionBEGINNERJoe Gagan's Easyface
StereoMicroampPreampBEGINNERTwo Microamps, one board.
AMZ Mosfet BoosterPreampBEGINNERJack Orman's Mosfet Booster
LPB1PreampBEGINNEREH's single transistor booster
Offboard wiringWiringBEGINNERFive different ways to wire the offboard connections of effects.
Range MasterBoosterBEGINNERRange Master treble booster
Brian May's treble boosterBoosterBEGINNERTreble booster
NeoCtaviaOctaveBEGINNEROctave up
DOD 250 DistortionDistortionBEGINNERSimilar to Distortion+
Green RingerOctaveBEGINNEROctave up
Red RangerBoosterBEGINNERRed Ranger selectable frequency booster
Purple PeakerEqualizerBEGINNERPurple Peaker frequency booster
Blue ClipperDistortionBEGINNERDan Armstrong's Blue Clipper distortion
A/B selectorWiringBEGINNERSelect between two signal paths.
OctupOctaveBEGINNERFolkurban Octup! clean octave
Wah WahwahBEGINNERThe 'basic' wah, for a cleaner build
Tube Sound FuzzDistortionBEGINNERTube Sound Fuzz uses CD4049 IC
RM OctaviaOctaveBEGINNEROctave up fuzz all silicon.
Speaker SimulatorEqualizerBEGINNERMarshall speaker simulator
Dock SplitteradaptorINSANEAccess every pin on your ipod
Tube ScreamerDistortionINTERMEDIATEMany think this is the #1 distortion there is.
Big Muff PiDistortionINTERMEDIATEHigh gain distortion
Ross CompressorCompressorINTERMEDIATECompressor
MXR DynaCompCompressorINTERMEDIATECompressor
MXR Phase 45PhaserINTERMEDIATESubtle, vintage phase shifter
PulsartremoloINTERMEDIATEreproduction of the EH tremolo pedal
Ampeg ScramblerDistortionINTERMEDIATESounds like...doom.
Rebote DelayDelayINTERMEDIATEDelay using the PT2399 IC
MXR Noise GateGateINTERMEDIATEWill mute the output when signal is below threshold level.
AMZ Overdrive ProDistortionINTERMEDIATEJack Orman's Overdrive PRO
DOD 280 CompressorCompressorINTERMEDIATEOptical compressor
Real McTubePreampINTERMEDIATETube preamp by Fred Nachbaur
Rebote 2 DelayDelayINTERMEDIATEDigital delay
Wah Wah bufferedwahINTERMEDIATEWah with optional input and output buffers and volume pedal switch
MXR Blue BoxOctaveINTERMEDIATEOctave down
Blues BreakerDistortionINTERMEDIATEBlues Breaker Distortion
Boss DS-1DistortionINTERMEDIATESounds like Boss's DS-1 Distortion
Fuzz FaceDistortionINTERMEDIATEFuzz Face using PNP transistors
Tone Bender MKIIDistortionINTERMEDIATEThree Ge transistor fuzz
Tremulus LunetremoloINTERMEDIATEDan Green's optical tremolo
RatDistortionINTERMEDIATEProco Rat distortion
Rebote 2.5 DelayDelayINTERMEDIATEUpdate on the Rebote2 delay.
GuvnorDistortionINTERMEDIATEDistortion with 3 band tone control
Power SupplyPower SupplyINTERMEDIATEAdjustable Power Supply using LM317
OctaviaOctaveINTERMEDIATETychobrahe octavia
Tonebender 3 KnobDistortionINTERMEDIATE3 Knob Tonebender
Bipolar powerPower SupplyINTERMEDIATEMAX1044 bipolar from single power supply
Ibanez Cp9CompressorINTERMEDIATEIbanez cp9 OTA compressor uses lm13600
EA TremolotremoloINTERMEDIATEDiscrete Tremolo from Electronics Australia
Rebote 3DelayINTERMEDIATERebote delay 3. Three times the delay, and modulation.

TitleDescriptionCreate DateCreated ByProject
Modifying a TS9 to TS808

How to convert an original Ibanez TS9 to TS808 specs, including opamp replacement if necessary.

6/4/2002Matt Burnside
Making a PCB using Press 'N Peel BlueThis photoessay will guide you through the process of making a circuit board using Press 'n Peel Blue that is ready to etch. 6/8/2002Matt BurnsideRebote Delay
Etching a Board Using Ferric Chloride

Ferric Chloride is a popular and easy-to-obtain etchant. This photoessay guides you through the process of using it on the board we created in the essay on Press 'n' Peel Blue.

6/15/2002Matt BurnsideRebote Delay
Big Muff Ho!

Making a BMP... by Lpstudio AKA Ron Down.


12/26/2002Francisco PeņaBig Muff Pi
RTS BoardsPictures of some of the Ready To Soler boards we sell. 12/12/2006Francisco Peņa
Building a Tube Screamer

Step by step pictorial on how to make a Tube Screamer(r) using our ready to solder printed circuit boards.

11/15/2005Francisco PeņaTube Screamer
Ross Compressor

Photo sequence on populating the ready to solder PCB you can BUY from us.

11/17/2005Francisco PeņaRoss Compressor

Pictures of pedalboards.

Email us pictures of your pedalboards with a small description so we can post them.

5/23/2006Francisco Peņa
Stereo microphone in a mint tinAmplified stereo ambience microphone built into a mint tin. 6/22/2006Francisco PeņaStereoMicroamp
Terry Clarke's RosscompCheck out Terry's Ross compressor.7/24/2006Francisco PeņaRoss Compressor
PCBs for SalePhotos of our PCBs, showing the solder side, all have silk screening on the component side as shown in the RTS photoessay.8/23/2007Francisco Peņa

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